CFGC Annual Report 2018
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What does it mean to shape a community where every person is valued and has the opportunity to remake their lives for the better? To honor the passions and purpose of every donor? To make change that lasts for years to come? 


Investing in Community Leaders

Developing and supporting our community leaders is essential to our work. Having leaders who are already immersed in their communities is critical to fostering generosity that is effective and impactful. To grow local capacity and provide the opportunity for new voices to emerge, we have invested in developing leaders and bolstering those already on the ground doing the important, difficult work of improving our community. 


Connecting Passion with Purpose

Smart philanthropy meets needs right now and also plans for the future. When compelled by love and informed by expert guidance, giving is both personal and powerful. We connect the core values and passions of hundreds of donors with the real issues and needs in our community. In 2018, our donors told us they were looking for trusted advice and support on shaping their family’s giving plans as they worked to create a meaningful impact and lasting legacy.